Small Printed Circuit Board


Just few words before to play with the cool stuff

All the stuffs and craps you can find here is released under the GNU GPL license.

What does this mean? That's easy: you can use it as you want, but if you set your house on fire doing it, it's your problem.

Also, if you use my code and solutions in your projects, well, it would be fair enough to tell other people where you have found that stuff. If you don't do this, it means you are a bad guy and I won't be your friend anymore. Probably, your feet smell bad, too.

An important consideration: I'm a developer, and as any other developer that likes open-source, linux, hacking and beer, I don't like to write documentation. Even less I like to lose time formatting the text and creating good looking and sparkling things.
I only care it has to work properly, to be efficient, and to be secure.

So, here you find only the essential things and raw documentation about the projects.


Note: this is not a commercial website: if you want to talk about business, please send me an e-mail.