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Here you can find small programs and applications, code snippets, tools.

In some cases you can use what you find here as it is, in other cases you can get part of them to solve that problem that afflicts you.

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  • Portable Wi-Fi Repeater
    Battery-powered Wi-Fi Repeater based on the ESP8266 board, than can be used to extend a Wi-Fi Network range in areas where it could be difficult to use standard Wi-Fi repeaters
  • Temperature Monitor
    Environmental temperature monitor, optionally posting values online or showing them in real time on an OLED display
  • Dyspatcher
    Multiplatform Python Web Chat Server with end-to-end encryption to exchange secure and private messages
  • GSM Switch
    Switch that can be activated from remote via GSM phone call
  • Wi-Fi Signal Strenght Tester
    Wi-Fi Signal Strenght Tester based on the ESP8266 Mini board
    Standalone battery powered ECG device with TFT display and GPRS data transmission
    Drive TFT display with PIC microcontroller
    Drive OLED display with PIC microcontroller
  • PIC SD
    Drive SD card with PIC microcontroller
  • Anviz M3 RFID CVE-2019-11523 PoC
    Anviz M3 RFID CVE-2019-11523 PoC
  • Joymap
    Joystick and joypad mapper for Linux